Review: Aveda Be Curly Range

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Aveda Be Curly Range
Aveda Be Curly Range


I bought this on a recommendation from a friend who warned me that Aveda products were great but at the more expensive end of the spectrum.


be curly shampoo

The first thing that caught me was the yummy scent. I thought someone was baking Christmas goodies but it was actually my hair! It smells of spiced oranges and other fruit ready to be made into mince pies or Christmas cake. This is because it is infused with Aveda’s Pure-Fume made with organic lime, bergamot and mandarin scents. It is heavenly and felt like a treat every time I washed my hair. It doesn’t lather much but it does get immediately to work in defining my curls.


be curly conditioner

This has a similar scent to the shampoo but it is not as strong. This detangles and curls which is what I expect it to do! I always left it in for a few minutes before washing it out.


be curly curl enhancer

I don’t actually like the smell of this curl cream! It smells more like chemicals than fruit. I got over that as it finished my hair by perfectly defining the curls without the need to blow dry my hair. My hair ended up big, bouncy and fun, just how I like it. It did make my hair smooth and soft so the curls did not last as long as I wanted to but that was ok as I could just use the curl enhancer on dry hair to revive the curls.


I enjoyed using this range and although it made my hair look and feel amazing, unfortunately my sensitive scalp forced me to have to stop using it. It’s so difficult to find products which are good for the scalp and dry, curly hair. On to the next regime!

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