Review: Boots Vitamin E Day and Night Creams

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Boots Vitamin E Day Cream
Boots Vitamin E Day Cream

I bought the Boots Vitamin E Day and Night Creams on the recommendation of my friend who was also on a mission to find beauty products that work but don’t break the bank.

These were an alternative to the Body Shop vitamin e creams for me.

These creams are no frills moisturisers and they do an ok job. When I buy creams I don’t want or need them to work miracles, I just want to keep my dry skin supple and comfortable.

The day cream is very light, I would even say thin! It has a very light perfumed powder scent. It’s great for summer when I want to feel hydrated rather than weighed down with cream.

The night cream is a little thicker but no too thick, so if the day cream is not quite enough, this can be worn in the day. I actually really like the night cream and would buy it again. It’s refreshing not to have a night cream that is too heavy or too greasy.
I’m more likely to but the night cream again and probably wear it in the daytime!


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