Review: Models Own Nail Polish in Snow White

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Review: Models Own Nail Polish in Snow White
Review: Models Own Nail Polish in Snow White

After asking for recommendations for a good, reasonably priced white nail polish, I decided to try Models Own in Snow White.  This is my first Models Own nail product (I already have some Models Own make-up brushes).

I have to say, I was disappointed with this one.  The formula was very thin, as was the brush, and the cap is disproportionately large, which made it very difficult to apply. Added to that, each coat was very slow to dry so the polish kept smudging and I had to keep starting again.  I really had a lot of trouble with this.

Once I eventually got my nails painted, I was happy with the effect, until it cracked!  This polish lacks in flexibility whereas my nails are flexible.  Once the polish had dried, it was less than 24 hours before cracks appeared. I have literally never seen this before! Over the next few days, more cracks appeared on more nails which looked awful – you can see the beginning of the cracks and bubbles in the photo.

I don’t understand, as Models Own is such a popular brand.

Needless to say, my hunt for the perfect white polish continues…


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