Beauty Spending Ban and the Ever-Growing Wishlist

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Beauty Spending Ban and the Ever-Growing Wishlist
Beauty Spending Ban and the Ever-Growing Wishlist

I am on a beauty spending ban to coincide with Lent. Most people I know have given up something whether they are religious or not. I have already cut out things like fatty and sugary foods so I thought it would be a good idea to stop buying make-up. This good idea was confirmed by my family!

This was very difficult at first, especially with things like Superdrug’s 50th birthday resulting in limited edition products or Make Up Revolution bursting on to the scene or winning the Anita Grant giveaway or not being able to buy magazines with make-up in them – to name but a few! To try and get through this I produced a Pinterest wishlist here.

Although it is still difficult, I am finding it easier to resist the urge to splurge. It has really made me think about what I should spend my money on. A friend was concerned that I’d have nothing to blog about – ha! I have lots. I have a backlog!

The question is, what should I buy when the ban is lifted?


2 Replies to “Beauty Spending Ban and the Ever-Growing Wishlist”

  1. Great post! Also well done for giving up spending money on makeup for lent 🙂 I think you should go for the naked palette 3! It looks so pretty.. I really want it but always talk myself out of spending the money on it for some reason! x


    1. Thanks! I was all geared up to buy the Naked 3 palette as I really want it but then Make Up Revolution has brought out a pink based palette – Iconic 3 for a fraction of the price! I know they’re not exactly the same bit all I really need is a few pinks. Decisions decisions!


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