Review: Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Jade Quail

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Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Jade Quail
Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Jade Quail

I bought these as an emergency nail fix on the way to a birthday dinner.  Bare nails were out of the question, as was any form of nail polish.  I ran around Boots looking for nails wraps where all the nails had the same pattern the price wasn’t too much.  Just as I was about to give up, I spotted the Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Jade Quail.

I was in such a rush I didn’t bother to read the instructions and wish I did! These wraps are quite thin so it’s easy to crease them and a little difficult to file them down as they are very flexible.  I should have stretched them like the instructions say! Also, there are only 8 nail sizes to choose from so I had a couple of badly fitting wraps.  They lasted for a few days which is good considering what I put my nails through.

The colour and pattern was great and did not fade.  The good thing about the design being flat and thin is that I did not notice them other than when I looked at them!

This was my introduction to the Rock family and I intend to try some more of the products.  Realistically, I need to try these out properly to give them a fair chance!  What has your experience been with Nail Rock?

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