Comment: The Face USA Episode 8

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The Face USA Episode 8
The Face USA Episode 8

Episode 8 of The Face USA, the final episode started with four models and ended with three!


First there were beauty portraits.  The best three got to walk the catwalk at the end with their mentors. This section had the most creativity in it.


For the beauty shots, Zi Lin wore metallic red lips and grey eyeliner/eyeshadow- great for daytime.  Ebony wore gold lids which were contoured with a darker colour and black eyeliner and had bright pink cheeks & lipgloss.  Devyn wore grey eyeliner (my favourite eyeliner colour) top & bottom , bold red lips, and red cheeks.  Margaux wore orange and pink eyes & with red lips – a brave choice! The red was an orange red so it worked.  I’ve worn orange and pink on my eyes before so here is a post I did earlier, which I called “fruit salad” after the sweets!

For the finale, all three models wore pinky-red lips to suit their skin tome and thick black eyeliner on the lids.


There you have it.  The Face USA series 1 has finished in the UK! It seemed that when the models had a say in their look, that’s where the creativity came in.  The show was also more about the backstage drama!


If there are any looks from the series you would like me to try, just shout!


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