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A couple of brands where I don’t have that many colours.


As a teenager, Rimmel was the only nail brand I wore. They had all the nail colours I wanted for the price I was willing to pay.  Plus, they did quick dry polishes which is great for an impatient teen.  You will see here that the two I have are also quick drying: 210 Ethereal which is a pearlescent pink – very pretty and subtle, and 825 Sky High which is a bold turquoise, a colour I really like. The brushes are huge to allow for 1 second application but I actually find that the colour is difficult to apply due to the long brush hairs.  Bourjois are better at the 1 second application thing in my opinion.

Nails Inc

Nails Inc do a great range of colours and have great names but I’m just not willing to pay the price.  I have a good reason – my nails reacted badly to the Nails Inc base coat so obviously that put me off buying the brand. The base coat just made my nails so incredibly dry.  I had a gorgeous coral colour but I had to get rid of it.  If I remember correctly, both of these colours came from magazines – Hampstead Heath is the red which goes with everything, and Uptown Glamour is the gold by Kate Spade. I did try the gold as soon as I got it and I really liked it – and no reaction!  I can always wear gold so this is great for me.  I might buy Nails Inc again, and use it with my OPI Nail envy.

Nails Inc
Nails Inc


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