February Tools Wish List
February Tools Wish List

I did my usual sifting through magazines to tear out pictures that were worthy of the beauty scrapbook and to compile a shopping list.  I have lots of make-up brushes – I even keep some brushes I don’t like just in case they are good for a particular effect.  I also like to have two of each for wash days or to apply different colours.

I’m interested in new, innovative tools that make it easier to get that flawless look.  February’s Cosmopolitan had a good page and I want four out of the five brushes!  I also picked out a brush or two from Boots Health & Beauty Magazine and Glamour.  My wishlist/buylist is:

Stila Blending Sponge  – I haven’t used a blending sponge before and I want to see the difference it makes for me.  I don’t usually go for the totally flawless look, I like the real me to show through most of the time.  It’s not that bad! This sponge is £11 so as an alternative, I might try the Real Techniques sponge – this is proving to be quite popular on the blogs.

MAC Masterclass Brush Linear 1 – in fact, I want to try them all but this one is supposed to make it incredibly easy to draw the perfect line and to define brows.  Sounds good to me. I’m sure I’ll get over the toothbrush look if it impresses me!

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush – I went looking for this the other day but couldn’t find it. I hope it comes out soon.  It looks completky novel and as I don’t have one of these, I can totally justify buying it.  I also need as much help as I can get when lining my eyes!

Japonesque seem to have a really great range of brushes, although I haven’t bought any.  I like the shape of the High Definition Foundation Brush  – square rather than pointed or round.

MAC brush 224 – tapered blending brush.  This looks like a fluffy paintbrush and can be used to powder the face. I usually use a massive brush but it is then awkward to get around the nose area and sometimes I apply too much powder.  This brush should solve my problems!

Look magazine had an article on fixing sprays.  They recommend the Kiko Face Make Up Fixer.  Kiko seem to be good at creating long lasting make up – when I tested an eye pencil I just couldn’t shift it from my hand! I might just try this. A runner up was e.l.f. mineral mist, possibly better for perking up the skin than setting make-up but sometimes that’s what I want.  The Body Shop vitamin E facial spray used to do this also but I’m not sure if it’s still available.  I really liked that one.  I have recently become a fan of e.l.f. so I might stick the mineral mist in my next order

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