My February MUA Spree
My February MUA Spree

After my disastrous experience with the MUA Luxe glitter palettes, plus the fact that Superdrug was out of stock of most MUA products for months, I didn’t think I’d try any more MUA.  However, this time I was in luck.


There was some more stock than usual and I wanted to try a few other products – not all products in any range will be good, so I decided to give MUA another chance.  Plus, lots of bloggers like MUA, especially the nail colours and matte lipsticks.


I bought:


  • Pro-Base Fixing Mist as I don’t have a setting spray and for £4, I might as well try it.  If Kiko was nearby I might have bought their version but there wasn’t!
  • Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream, a pale mint green- very spring and very pretty.  I simply couldn’t resist, especially for £1.  Plus the tiny bottle is so cute!
  • Lipstick in Shade 13, a vibrant red.  I wanted this since I saw Joanna Loves mention that one of the matte reds she uses is Shade 1.  When I needed a matte red it was nowhere to be found so I bought MAC Ruby Woo instead. After looking online and testing in the shop, I decided that Shade 13 is the one for me.  I guess you could call it a satin finish.  Shade 13 was also unavailable for ages but I managed to get it today.
  • Liquid eyeliner in Shade 2, a metallic blue-turquoise. It’s pretty, and also £1, so no reason not to try it!
  • Liquid eyeliner in Shade 4, a metallic grey which can look silver or pewter.  I just like grey eyeliner!
  • Bronzer in Shade 3.  This one is completely matte.  All my others are shimmery.


I can’t wait to try this all out!



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