Review: Kérastase Nutritive Oléo-Curl Range

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Kérastase Nutritive Oléo-Curl Range
Kérastase Nutritive Oléo-Curl Range

As you might have seen from my epic hair journey, this group of products has served me well.  This is a range dedicated to curly hair

I use the Kérastase Bain Oléo-Curl curl definition shampoo, Kérastase Oléo-Curl Intense (a hair mask) and Kérastase Oléo-Curl curl definition cream.  Products in a range are designed to work best when used together, no matter the brand. It’s a chemistry thing.  This is certainly the case here and they work incredibly well.

Bain Oléo-Curl

The first thing I noticed about this was that it was see through with an orange tint.  Rather than feeling soapy in the hands, it feels like an oily gel, so from the first touch you know that this will not dry out the hair.  It smells soapy – a nice clean smell. It lathers up well, especially on the second shampoo (I always do two).  It leaves my hair clean, fairly smooth and curly – some shampoos weigh down the hair and kill the curls.  This one gets to work in defining my curls from the start.

Oléo-Curl Intense

This is the mask which I use as a conditioner.  This is an opaque orange coloured rich-cream conditioner which also feels oily to touch.  It contains the moisturisers I need! I towel dry my hair and apply this – I start in the middle, pay attention to the ends then wipe any leftover conditioner on the hair on the scalp. I know that some conditioners can irritate the scalp so I don’t use it on the scalp.  I leave it for at least five minutes then rinse out.  My hair is left feeling silky smooth but not weighed down.  At this point, my curls are left well defined and nourished.

Oléo-Curl curl definition cream

After towel drying my hair, I apply this curl defining cream in the same was as I apply the mask.  I then comb it through, scrunch up my hair, turn my head upside down and give a good shake from the roots! I like to leave my hair to dry naturally. This cream leaves my curls defined and soft and gently holds them in place.

Before my hair is completely dry I always run a couple of pumps of L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil through my hair to lock in moisture.  They go together well, probably because Kérastase is a L’Oréal brand.

This is a great regime for my curls and although I’m now trying Aveda, I would not hesitate to return to this – it does the job of defining and protecting my curls well.  It also gives me the type of curl I want – not too tight and not too limp.  If you want it a little cheaper than in the salons, try – that’s where I shop!

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