Boots No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream and Night Cream

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Boots No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream and Night Cream
Boots No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream and Night Cream


I bought these creams because they were reasonably priced and even cheaper with my £5 off vouchers.  I had already tried Boots No7 Protect & Perfect and Boots No7 Beautiful Skin day and night creams and liked them.  The Boots No7 Essential range is the cheapest in the No7 skincare collection but at full price, they are still £9 each.


I normally buy creams specifically for dry skin.  These creams don’t specify so it was a bit of gamble which luckily paid off.


No7 Essentials Day Cream

I was impressed by this day cream, especially for the price I I paid.  It is a good thickness for the day and keeps my skin feeling supple and moisturised. It’s nicely creamy without being heavy or greasy or too thin like a lotion.  For me and my dry skin, it’s best for spring, summer and autumn.   For winter I needed to give it a boost by using a facial oil underneath.  My guess is that it would be fine all year round for “normal” skin (what is normal? Let’s not  get started on that one!).  It doesn’t have an SPF which I like – sometimes my skin just doesn’t like the addition of an SPF.  It’s not particularly special but it’s not meant to be – it’s a good basic cream which does the job well.


No7 Essentials Night Cream

I bought the night cream to match the day cream.  Again, it is unscented and leaves my skin feeling supple and moisturised when I wake up in the morning.  It is thicker than the day cream but not too thick, so on winter days when I don’t have time to use facial oil first, I just put this on instead of day cream. It sinks in without a trace and I really like this.  I don’t need a cream to work miracles, it just needs to moisturise and this does the job well.


I would definitely buy these again but with the voucher – I think £9 is too high. Around £5/£6 is a good price so £4 with the voucher is perfect!

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