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Skincare for Your Skintone  - Cosmopolitan Magazine
Skincare for Your Skintone – Cosmopolitan Magazine


I read a great article in the February 2014 Cosmopolitan called “The Tone Commandments”.

It was about the best skincare for problems that are down to genetics. I have a mixed heritage and here’s my wishlist:


Black Skin Category

Yes, we don’t really get wrinkles, and if we do, it’s very late in life!  It’s all down to the natural protection from the sun. The article does warn me that if these are the genes that will dominate, I could get hollowing under my eyes and smile lines due to lack of collagen. I don’t like the sound of that at all!


Of the three recommended products, I might try two.  Fountain the Hyaluronic Molecule is edible hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t sound that appetising but it’s so clear and bubbly so it has to be good for me! The other is Time Bomb Collagen Bomb. I have no idea what this is but if I feel like spending £40, I might just find out.


Next there was the Indian & Middle Eastern Skin Category

Again, no wrinkles until we’re really old – woo hoo! I’m doing ok on the wrinkle front so far. However, it states that  “there is a tendency towards pigmentation, dark circles and dullness”! Yes, I tick the dark circles and dullness box.  These days I only get a glowing complexion when I’ve got a tan (difficult to get in the UK!) or some bronzer.


Dark circles make me look tired so the recommended product is Omorovicxa Reviving Eye Cream with vitamin K and arnica.  According to, vitamin K helps blood clotting and makes bones strong. I’m not sure how that helps my eyes but otherwise it’s good for you. Arnica helps to heal bruises and a few other things according to  That almost makes sense.  Despite having these great ingredients, I’m currently not willing to spend £75 on the Omorovicza. Concealer will have to do for now!  In fact, I just bought a Clinique concealer which claims to reduce under-eye darkness with caffeine.  I’ll post a review on my make-up blog.


I did notice that Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O was recommended for Olive & Mediterranean skin. I’m a big fan of cleansing water since the first one I tried by Lancôme – there’s no harm in trying it out for myself (I think!)


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