Comment: The Face USA Episode 4

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The Face USA Episode 4
The Face USA Episode 4

This was the bridal gown catwalk challenge.  Most of the dresses were ivory or white but one dress was black. I’ll be doing a detailed set of bridal make-up posts in February or March – flawless and photo ready!


They also did the quick change challenge- who could change their clothes the quickest. During this challenge they all wore eyeshadow a little darker than their skin on the eyelids only and dark burgundy lips in matte or gloss. Hair was slicked back. Very chic!


There were more great lip colours. Devyn wore a gorgeous lilac-pink and then a pink-purple.  She can seriously wear any colour and look good! Coco Rocha wore a very pretty coral colour.


To observe the catwalk challenge, Coco Rocha wore amazingly exaggerated winged eyeliner with baby blue pastel eye shadow on the lids and brown in the crease and on the brow bone. She wore pretty pink lips and rosy cheeks. I have to try this amazing sixties inspired look!


The Face USA Episode 4
The Face USA Episode 4


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