Simply Polish – The OPI Collection

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I buy OPI when I want to treat myself.  I used to buy them from my beauty salon, HQ Hair, but this closed down a while ago and I haven’t bought any more until this month (keep following as it will be in a later post!).  I decided I wanted colours that I didn’t think others would wear so I have:

  • Who the Shrek are you? (Shrek green)
  • What’s with the cattitude? (light blue) from the Alice in Wonderland collection
  • Party in my cabana (pink)
  • Absolutely Alice (blue glitter)

I love them all! I tend to wear Who the Shrek are you? and What’s with the cattitude? on alternating fingers as I think they go together well.  The colours are exactly as they are on the bottle so you can imagine what this looks like!

I enjoy wearing OPI as I love the formula, the brushes, the bottles and the names.  Also, some polishes irritate my nails but I have always been able to wear OPI.   At the moment, I’m really excited about the Gwen Stefani collection so if I get hold of a bottle or two, I’ll be sure to post you my thoughts!

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