January Sales Spree – Seventeen and OPI

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I tried not to buy any nail colour but I failed! I have now run out of space in my box of nail colours so I need to find a new home. Worse still, when am I going to wear them all?  I’ll be introducing you to my collection pre-spree over the next few weeks.


Seventeen Nail Stash

Seventeen Nail Colours
Seventeen Nail Colours
Seventeen Nail Colours
Seventeen Nail Colours

On my first trip to Boots after Christmas I saw this for £6 but was strong and walked past it- I really don’t need any more nail polish.  Then Ginger Loves Make-Up snapped it up and made me wish I bought it but I resigned myself to the fact that I lost my chance, as surely everyone else would have taken up the offer of 9 polishes for £6 – yes, about 67p each for pretty decent polishes!   I was wrong.

The next time I saw this I bought it!  I now have a range of colours and effects:


Lasting Fix in Pretty in Peach – pearlescent pink-peach

Quicker Slicker Fury – like molten gold

Quicker Slicker Navy Glint – sparkly dark blue

Quicker Slicker Peacock- a spectacular metallic turquoise

Quicker Slicker Ruby Gem – dark red

Quicker Slicker Moonstruck – silver (ahh, I already have this but the new bottle is nicer!)

Supreme Shine Love – purple pink – almost orchid!

Supreme Shine Wicked – metallic purple

Supreme Shine Risky Red – hot red


I really like the look of Fury and Peacock!


Seventeen Nail Colours
Seventeen Nail Colours


Whilst buying hair products from Look Fantastic, I needed to bump my basket total up to £60 to get some free Cowshed goodies so I bought this OPI polish in Every Month is Oktoberfest from the Germany Collection. My first thoughts are that the colour was much more purple on the website – this looks very red! I hope it comes out purple but OPI tends to stay true to what you see in the bottle. Interesting!


OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest
OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest
OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest
OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest

I’m not sure I’ll get around to wearing all of these, plus the ones I already have. I guess you have to wait and see!


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