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The Face is back, this time in the USA. It has just come to the UK shores on Sky Living HD after being shown in the USA one whole year ago! Can you believe this is still happening? They are now on to series 2.  Wikipedia can tell me everything I need to know due to the timings but I will still watch it.

As you will know from following me, I was hooked in the UK version and see no reason why this shouldn’t be the same. As before, if I see any looks I really like, I will try them out on me!

The first episode involved a no-make up, once only headshot then another shot with full make-up and hair.  The models had to choose their own look for this one. There was also a catwalk challenge.

My favourite looks from this episode were:

Naomi Campbell

To clarify, she is a mentor, not a contestant!  She always looks stunning but here eye make-up whilst picking models for her team was exceptionally pretty. She wore golden yellow on her eyelids and a plummy purple in the crease and above. I think the upper lash line was lined in black.  Her lips were also a plummy purple. Incredibly pretty – I have to try this one!


Her look was striking because she focused on her eyebrows and lips, literally! She wore very strong brows and a very deep purple, almost black lipstick. There was a barely there vibe for the rest of her face.  Her cheeks were contoured and her eyes were very simple.  She wore no eyeshadow, had black eyeliner close to the upper lashes to give the illusion of volume, lots of mascara on the top lashes, a little mascara on the lower lashes and some eyeliner on the waterline, possible with some smudged into the lower lashline.  With this incredible modern goth look, Team Coco was where she belonged!


Sandra is a character to say the least. Her look was futuristic.  She really emphasised both her lips and her eyes.  On her lips she wore iridescent blue- very space age!  On her eyes she wore an almost geometric look – her eyes were lined all around with in black, including the waterline.  The main blue eyeshadow was extended out and down to her nose and a darker blue was worn in the crease and above the crease.  The outer edge looks like it is in the same blue as the inner corner. Dare I attempt this? Sandra is in Team Naomi.


Devyn went for something that I would wear and probably have worn, so I was instantly drawn to it.  She wore her hair slicked back so you could really appreciate her face.  She wore hot pink lips and silver-grey eyes, the colour on the lids only.  Above the crease she wore a neutral colour and she had a highlighting colour underneath her brows.  Devyn is in Team Karolina.


The first thing that struck me about Alexandra was here amazing red hair. Wow!  She went for strong eyes only with nude lips, a very striking look.  She wore an intense metallic green-black colour all over her lids which extended into a squared off winged shape which stopped just underneath the outer edge of her eyebrows. She had lots of mascara on her top lashes and only one coat on her lower lashes. She wore no eyeliner on the lower part of her eyes. This was such a hot look I have to try this one! This bold look got her into Team Naomi.

Do you have any preferences as for which I should try first?

The Face USA Episode 1
The Face USA Episode 1

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