Latest in Beauty Glamour Edit Box Review: Benefit They’re Real Mascara

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Benefit They're Real Mascara
Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Benefit They're Real Mascara brush - can you see the sphere?
Benefit They’re Real Mascara brush – can you see the sphere?

The Benefit They’re Real Mascara is one of the main reasons I decided to try this box.  So many bloggers love this and I felt left out. Having said that, I didn’t want to risk paying nearly £20 for a mascara I might not like so this box and trial size was ideal for me.

I had already spoken to the lady at a Benefit beauty counter who told me the correct way to apply it.  She loves this mascara and I could see it looked great on her.

Her instructions were that I should coat each and every lash from root to tip on one eye, repeat on the next eye, then go back to the first eye to do it again.  I do this anyway but it was nice to have confirmation that I was right!

I certainly did use this method and WOW! This mascara is incredible!

First, the brush has short, sharp plastic bristles.  I know they are sharp because I poked myself with the brush a few times. It has what I would call the normal cylindrical shape but on the end, rather than the usual  rounded off edge with no bristles, it has a sphere which is covered in bristles. The ball at the end effortlessly catches the lashes in the inner corners of my eyes, and makes it so much easier for me to coat my outer lashes.   It also makes it easier to coat my lower lashes without getting  it under my eyes. It’s pretty easy to apply and it leaves no clumps.

My lashes were well separated and looked incredibly long, and my eyes looked huge- really wide open and awake. I really didn’t think my lashes were capable off this!

If you wear false lashes for length, try this mascara. Your own lashes are much lighter than falsies so you might just prefer this – I do!

Hot Pink Party Lips
Hot Pink Party Lips  – They’re Real mascara
Hot Pink Party Lips
Hot Pink Party Lips – They’re Real mascara


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    1. Thanks! I put my mascara on quite slowly so I can curl my lashes at the same time – that might help. I know some people are quite quick but I just poke myself in the eye!


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