Sub-Standard Beauty Counter Service

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There are so many premium brands I want to try.  The products tend to be of a good quality and the packaging is pretty nice. But best of all, when you go to a beauty counter, you get one-to-one service and are treated well, right? The answer is sometimes.


For me, the reason I feel I can justify going to a premium brand beauty counter is that in the high price for the product, I am also paying for the personal service. No matter what I am buying, the service is important – if it is awful, I will not purchase anything, no matter how much I thought I wanted it.  There is plenty of choice out there!


Through reading many blogs, there are some brand names I want to add to my collection.  For one of these brands, I did venture to the counter which , is about an hour away from where I live.  Despite there being no other customers, and being a morning on a week day, the assistant was completely disinterested and had a bit of attitude.


I had seen an advertisement with the make-up I really wanted, specifically a lip colour.  I’m a fan of metallic reds (not as bad as it sounds!) and I wanted that one. I was told, in a rude manner, that the product I wanted was an autumn colour. That was it.   The tone dictated that I was too late.  Firstly, I visited the counter in November, which is autumn.  Secondly, wouldn’t good service dictate that you help the customer find an alternative? She didn’t. She made me feel out of touch with the latest make-up trends and left it there.  No attempt to assist whatsoever. I don’t care about trends, I want what suits my face!


I tried to tell her what I was looking for but I just ended up testing all the shades myself as she either stared at me blankly or wandered off.  I can randomly test shades in a pharmacy but that is not acceptable when cosmetics reach a certain price.  As you can imagine, I have been completely put off spending my hard earned cash there. I was so disappointed.


It’s a shame because the brand does many popular products and I really want to try them but I can’t pay money to companies which so obviously do not appreciate their customers.  This is not the first bad experience and I sadly suspect it will not be the last.  This happened with another counter and it has taken me about three years to decide to try them again!


You might say it’s my loss, but with all the choice out there, I can, will and should seek alternatives.


Rant over!


(Ridiculous picture, right? That’s how I felt!)


Sad Face
Sad Face

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