My Eye Make-Up Remover Journey

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Eye make-up removers
Eye make-up removers

This will shock you all (or maybe not).  As a teenager, I used to remove my eye make-up with … baby oil!


You will be pleased to know that I have moved on from that!


I first discovered that there were dedicated eye make-up removers when I received a trial sized Lancôme Bi-Facil.  I love this dual action product but it’s the same old story – did I really have to spend that much to remove my eye make-up?


I then moved on to the Body Shop.  First I tried the Chamomile Mild Eye Make-Up Remover.  This was ok.  It felt like a cleansing water.  It got the make-up off, as long as it was not waterproof mascara.  It was gentle and soothing.  I then tried the Chamomile waterproof eye-make up gel.  It performed a little better than the water but I didn’t find it all that impressive.


I then moved on to No7.  The No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover is a dual liquid formula which you shake to activate, just like Bi-Facil.  This one has an oil-like liquid in it which I like.  Review to come soon but I will tell you now that Bi-Facil is better!


Continuing my quest to find a product that will work but will not bankrupt me, I tried Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover.  I can’t decide whether I prefer this over the No7 one.  It works and I’m happy enough for the price I paid.  Again, it has a more oil-like liquid in the mix.


I now know that for me, I prefer the dual formula eye make-up removers, and I don’t mind the oil feeling as I have dry skin. Having said that, the removers feel moisturising rather than greasy.


Realistically, I think I will go back to premium brands for eye make-up removers.  The reason is that although all of the above will take off the make-up, sometimes a little bit of rubbing is needed which is terrible for the eye area, and it hurts! I had to rub the most with the Body Shop products so will give those a miss in the future.  I’ll probably still buy the No7 and Nivea dual formula eye make-up removers.  I will definitely buy Bi-Facil, unless I find another premium product I prefer. You can’t say I didn’t try!



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