2014 – The Year For Skin

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Some days I’m not happy with my skin.  I think I have become complacent, as I don’t have any major skin issues.   My skin is dry (and I have recently developed an oily nose!) and my face is several shades of brown but that’s about it.

Skin does need a lot of care.  My grandmother swore by moisturising everyday as does my mother, resulting in amazingly soft skin.  Whilst I think my grandmother used premium products, my mum doesn’t necessarily so that goes to show it’s not all about cost, although I accept more expensive products can have better ingredients following more intense research.

This year, I will try new products and actually use them up! I’ll also try to do things like eat well, drink more water and attempt to get more natural vitamin D (which is difficult to do in the UK!).  I should also try to get more sleep but that will be a tough one.  This is the year I want to look younger than I am, without make-up.

Wish me luck!

No make-up, just moisturiser
No make-up, just moisturiser

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