Selection of nail colours in my collection
Selection of nail colours in my collection


I do this every year. The same resolution. It is to actually have pretty nails!

I’ll give you a quick nail journey:

As a child and a teen I was a total nail biter. I tried those solutions you paint on that taste nasty but that did not work.  All it did was make my lips taste horrible too! The only deterrent was to wear nail polish but my school did not allow it.

Then as a teen I discovered nail art.  I really liked it but it didn’t look too good on short nails.  Even so, I did coloured tips long before it became the thing – my favourite was gold, and I was always drawing hearts or letter on my nails and wore several colours at once.  Well this did not last long!

As a result of the nail biting my nails are really thin and break easily.  I seldom bite them now, only when I’m really stressed. So, if I paint my nails, I can’t bit them – I don’t like to waste my time!

I think I might do a better job than previously, as I really want to try those Marchesa for Revlon nail wraps, and I will certainly not be biting those nail wraps! Plus, there’s loads of quick dry top coats to choose from now.

Do you think I can keep my resolution this time?


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