Christmas Nails with flash
Christmas Nails with flash


As you know, I have been wearing a berry Shellac for the past couple of weeks. For Christmas day I wanted more, I wanted glitz and I wanted sparkle!


I was in a rush to leave the house (as always) but I simply had to do something with my nails.  I literally just splashed on some Barry M Limited Edition D tinsel polish and Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter swiftly followed by Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat, on alternating nails.  As you can see, I need symmetry!


I’m not sure about the tinsel, I’ll need to give that another go, maybe over bright red or on its own. I really like the gold. I like it over bright red too which is on my toes but I’m not sure I should subject you to that!




Christmas Nails without flash
Christmas Nails without flash


Christmas Nails kit
Christmas Nails kit



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