Review: Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow Electro

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Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow Electro
Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow Electro


Pale pink gloss plus dark lips equals a mess, right? Wrong!


On one of my many visits to the Lancôme beauty counter, the assistant there convinced me to try the Marshmallow Juicy Tube.  I was a bit puzzled – how can such a pale gloss look anything other than stupid on dark lips against dark skin?  Well, I was taken aback at how great it looked.  It was like an ultra-shiny mega-reflective clear gloss! No pastel pink deposit at all!


This was discontinued but Marshmallow Electro took its place. This one has extra glittery bits for more reflection and shine, making my lips look really full. This gloss is my clear gloss – it does so much more than a clear gloss. It brings out and lifts the natural colour of my lips without colouring them.  It lasts for ages as it is quite thick, and yes it is a bit sticky but I don’t mind as this is my favourite gloss. As an added bonus, it has a great sweet and marshmallowy taste! This is the best gloss for me due to the staying power and the colour, which goes with everything.


I was told Juicy Tubes will be discontinued by the lady at the counter but as with cerise, you can still get a mini tube of this in the Christmas gift set found in lots of department stores and in Boots.  Also, Marshmallow Electro can still be found on the Lancôme and Selfridges websites so snap it up quickly!


Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow Electro
Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow Electro





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