Review: MUA Luxe Glitter Palettes

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MUA glitter in Burlesque, Twilight, Rock Chic and Diva
MUA glitter in Burlesque, Twilight, Rock Chic and Diva

You might remember my previous post where I was so excited that all my MUA Luxe glitter palettes had arrived.  I ordered all of them from Superdrug‘s website:

Burlesque, Twilight, Rock Chic and Diva

My intention was to use them as eyeliners, on my lashes, on my lips and over eyeshadow and I thought the gel base would make it very easy to use.

Well, this has not quite worked out, as you may have read from my attempts at the molten smoky eye.

I hate to say these things but the glitters:

  • Take forever to dry
  • Are extremely difficult to apply both with a brush and a sponge
  • Melt right though eyeshadow
  • Have wasted my time, tried my patience and really upset me.

I will continue to try to work out if there is any way I can use these things.  I can’t use them as a glitter “topcoat” over eyeshadow which has messed up most of the looks I had in store for you. They take too long to dry to be eyeliners – when I blink it smudges!

I think the best I have achieved was to put glitter on my eyebrows as the gel behaves like any other eyebrow gel, with the added sparkle of glitter. I think I could also use it on my eyelashes to make them sparkle but I haven’t tried it yet.

If anyone has had any success with these, please let me know.  I really don’t want to give up but I’m feeling a bit discouraged at the moment.  Plus, I don’t have any time to go out and buy more glitter and Christmas is really near 😦

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