December Barry M Spree

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Barry M December Spree with flash
Barry M December Spree with flash


I chose to have a “Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz” pedicure, that is, I had red polish with a red glitter top coat.  Going home in flip flops is not an option in winter so I waited ages for my toes to dry, and the beautician even put a Shellac top coat on and cured it.

Unfortunately despite all of that, by the time I got home my big toes were wrecked – my beloved Dorothy toes!

The red glitter Barry M nail colour was sold out in my nearest Boots so I decided I would go for the Blood Orange 348 Gelly Hi Shine colour and the Yellow Topaz Glitter 351 topcoat to replace the mess on my toenails!

At the moment if you spend over £6 at Boots, you get a free Limited Edition 347 green, purple and red tinselly looking bottle of polish. Now that I have it, maybe I’ll go for that one over the red instead.

I have Shellac on at the moment so can’t test it yet, and my toes are not internet ready! When the Shellac is removed, I’ll take some pics.

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