Molten Smoky Eyes Take Two
Molten Smoky Eyes Take Two

So I changed my mind and decided to do this again.  I decided to do it again quickly so this one is far less precise.

Again I began with KIKO Milano eye base followed by Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hours in Ever Lasting Navy.  I then applied the plain blue colour from my Lancôme Palette Liberte 01 Indigo Royaute eyeshadow palette which I probably shouldn’t have because this is quite old but I can’t bear to throw it away because it is so beautiful and it was so expensive as it was limited edition and it was quite difficult to get hold of, over the gel cream eyeshadow.  I then dabbed onto my eyelids L’Oreal Color appeal eye shadow in pure gold 151, the most intense colour in the inner corner of the eyelid and gradually fading out over most of the eyelid.

Then as before I applied the glitter.  First I applied the pale gold colour from the MUA Luxe Glitter Eye Palette in Burlesque space over the gold eyeshadow.  Over the remaining blue eyeshadow on the outer edges of my eyelids I applied the grey black the glitter.  Finally I applied orange glitter to the inner corners of my eyelids.

The rest of my face is the same as Inspired: Molten Smoky Eyes.

For some reason this combination of makeup does not work as it started to smudge off again in the creases.  I don’t know if it’s the eyebase, cream-gel eyeshadow or glitter.

I think I need to try this again without glitter but with metallic or shimmering eye shadow instead.  This has taken my whole day so forgive me if it takes me a while so do some more posts!

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