Maybelline Cream-gel eyeshadow and MAC Ruby Woo
Maybelline cream-gel eyeshadow and MAC Ruby Woo


It’s been a few weeks since Sky Living‘s The Face ended so here’s my final comment.


Episode 7

This was the outdoor shoot in Paris. The models had to exude youthful joy whilst modelling a bag and posing with either a dog or a bicycle! The girls wore make up that gave them glowing skin, everything was natural so it was mainly about contouring an luminescence.


I have done a couple of glowing skin looks so I don’t think I’ll do this one.


Having said that, Tanya Burr put up a great tutorial on how to get the Parisian chic look involving dark eyes, so I’ve bought myself a black gel-cream eyeshadow (and a blue one and a grey one!) to give her look a try.


Episode 8

The finale! Here, the models had to do a beauty shoot, speak about a product to sell it then model two dresses on the catwalk.


For the beauty shoot the models wore flawless, luminous skin, perfectly bronzed, contoured and highlighted. They wore hot red lips and their eyes were given depth with a  wash of a dark cream or metallic eyeshadow and were highlighted using a cream or metallic eyeshadow.  They all looked incredibly pretty.


For the catwalk look, lips were orange and eyelids had a wash of shimmery gold/pewter/silver. I love orange lips so will definitely give this one a go!


I’m sad the show has finished – I hope there is a second series!



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