Review: No7 The Eye Collection

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No7 golden smokey eye gift set
No7 golden smokey eye gift set


No7 The Eye Collection eyeshadow and brush set – I need to start by saying the eyeshadows are very shimmery!  They are also quite sheer.

All of the shades come up very bright on me – you can’t see the gold (which I almost expected as my eyelids are golden), the silver is very silver and the darker grey is just about visible as a darker shade! It was difficult to do a traditional smoky eye with this set alone.  I would need to tone down the shimmer with some matte eyeshadows.

As for the brushes, for me, the Smokey Eyeliner brush is a little too soft.  I prefer a firmer eyeliner brush. I will use this brush for blending eyeliner to give a softer look. The Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush is also very soft and fluffy, and quite wide in my view so better for blending than the application of eyeshadow.  I have to say, as a blending brush, I really like it.

So, I have acquired two blending brushes and a lot of shimmer!

Shimmery Smoky eye (closed)
Shimmery Smoky eye (closed)



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