Miss Glossybox no more
Miss Glossybox no more

Oh no! Today I received a sad email. They’ll be no more MissGlossybox! And I only just signed up!

Here’s what I loved about it:

  • Brightly coloured box and bag – the first thing that caught my eye and I liked the surprise of not knowing which colour I would get next.
  • It’s aimed at younger girls so it’s fun – I don’t want to be serious all the time!
  • I loved all of the products in my Nov/Dec box and wished I got all of the previous boxes.
  • It came bi-monthly so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with stuff – I like to use things up before moving on (easier said than done!)
  • I could cancel anytime although at £7 this would be unlikely.
  • I could get double the goodies every other month if I also subscribed to grown-up Glossybox and got over the whole “too many products to use” thing.
  • I just like it!

The email did offer 20% off a grown-up Glossybox if I subscribe before 15 December but I can’t do this as I asked for a subscription for Christmas so obviously won’t find out if I got it until the 25th!

Sad times.


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