Eye Cream
Eye Cream

My first experience with a dedicated eye cream was when I received a sample of Clinique All About Eyes as part of a free gift. Before then, I either used my face moisturiser or didn’t bother to moisturise my eye area at all.  Even now when I’m in a rush I don’t apply eye cream!

I have to say, I quite liked the All About Eyes. Face cream is far too heavy for the delicate eye skin and this little pot was great. Being a not-really-an-eye-cream-person, when the pot ran out I could not bring myself to buy anymore!

When I got over that phase I tried Lancome Hydrazen Neurocalm Eye. This is my favourite eye cream! It is a light soothing moisturising gel like cream.  Much as I could feel the benefits of this cream, I decided I needed to try something cheaper.

So, off to the Body Shop I went. I have tried three eye products from the Body Shop. I tried the Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel which was soothing for a while but not moisturising enough for me.  I also wasn’t a fan of the gel texture – I prefer a cream.  I then tried the Aloe Eye Defence which is a soothing gel cream. It was good for the price but again I wanted just a little bit more moisture. I have dry skin rather than sensitive skin so that’s my fault for choosing the wrong product. Finally I tried the Vitamin E Eye Cream and this is the one for me. Light, creamy and moisturising – it’s great. I just wish it had an SPF in it!

So, continuing my mission to find cheaper products that do the job, I tried the Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream.  This was not as thick as the Body Shop Vitamin E Cream but it does come with the SPF15 and has a light reflective formula. My ideal non-luxury eye cream would be a combination of the Body Shop and Boots vitamin E creams.

I have now decided to try the No7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream and I’ll review it soon.


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