Benefit for Brown Skin

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Benefit wishlist
Benefit wishlist

I don’t usually buy Benefit as it is difficult to figure out  if they have any products that would work well on my medium golden brown skin.  Great products such as Benetint and High Beam just wouldn’t work for me so I was feeling left out.  I wanted pretty packaging and cool products too!

The only thing I have bought was an eye primer many years ago which even though it was too pale I loved it because my eyeshadow was very securely held in place!

Well, imagine my delight when I visited my local benefit counter and the consultant there, obviously wearing  Benefit, also had brown skin (she had lovely even and smooth chocolate brown skin).  I figured if Benefit works for her it must also work for me.

She advised me on all the products that would work for me and I got so excited I created a new Pinterest wishlist! Check it out here.

The products are:

  • Girl Meets Pearl mixed in with my foundation for a glowing complexion
  • Hoola lipgloss
  • Bella Bamba lipgloss
  • Dallas cheek colour
  • Sun Beam to give a golden highlight
  • They’re Real mascara – of course!


I can’t wait to try them all out and beautify my dressing table and my face. I’m so excited!


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