Comment: The Face – My Favourite Looks So Far

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Ruby Tuesday and Dark Romance
Ruby Tuesday and Dark Romance

There have now been 5 episodes of Sky Living‘s The Face. I’m totally hooked, not least because I want to see the looks the girls will be wearing. They can all be found here.

Episode 1

This was all about natural beauty – no make-up and make up to enhance features, nothing more.  Ok, I do that everyday so I didn’t rush for the make-up kit at that point.  It does go to show that even the tiniest bit of make-up can make a huge difference!  My favourite natural make-up looks are on Nina Sethi and Nina Strauss for looking like they are wearing no make-up and Chloe-Jasmine for her simple slick of red lipstick.

Episode 2

Make-up wise, this was the party look! Team Caroline and Team Erin focused on dramatic eyes and Team Naomi emphasised eyes and lips.  All the looks were similar and I would wear them all on a night out!

Episode 3

This was the revolving catwalk episode.  Now this is when things stepped up a gear in the creative make-up department. There were three themes:

Dramatic Glamour

Team Naomi should have won this! The red dresses matched with perfect red lips, flawless skin, subtle sculpting and softly emphasised eyes – wow!  I will be trying this look and sharing it with you.  I’ve already got my Max Factor Ruby Tuesday 715 Lipstick ready and waiting!  I think Emma wears it best but the whole team looks stunning.

Dark Romance

This was Team Erin.  It was so dramatic I had to try it – you can find my take on Dark Romance here.  The eyes were the focus, mesmerisingly dark, with sculpted cheeks and nude lips. My favourite here was Natalie – her eyes are captivating even without make-up, plus she is wearing a great nude lip colour. I also love Sienna’s look – what an amazing face! I love the darker lipstick she is wearing – it would be too much of a feature on my skin tone but on Sienna it really makes you focus on her eyes.  I would wear dark lips but probably without the dramatic eyes.

Decadent Daydreams

This look was pretty and safe. Having said that, this is the perfect daytime look – pretty pink lips, subtly rosy cheeks and naturally defined eyes. Nadine and Eleanor look out-of-this-world pretty, my definite favourites from that team.  I’ll be doing my pink look and sharing it with you at some point.  I just love my pink!

Episode 4

This was the lingerie shoot episode. The make-up was pretty and soft. It was barely there for Team Erin. Team Caroline had rosy red cheeks and lips with subtly dark eyes for emphasis.  Team Naomi opted for smoky eyes and a hint of pink on the cheeks and lips. I loved Team Naomi’s look – I like to emphasise my eyes. The use of red to complement the lingerie for Team Caroline does make a great photo. I’m not sure how to wear red on my cheeks, maybe I’ll give it a go.

Episode 5

The luxury brand episode.  I was blown away by the make-up here. Completely high fashion. Glowing, radiant skin, perfect sculpting and a tiny bit of drama in the eyes, with natural lip colours. I LOVE this look and will attempt it myself. Team Naomi wore it best, both Emma and Racquel.

I am looking forward to what Episode 6 has to offer!

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