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A few skincare bits and bobs
A few skincare bits and bobs

I started out with Tasha’s Face – a site dedicated to make-up. I wanted it to inspire and it is based on looks I have tried out, and also has a few comments here and there!

Skincare goes hand-in-hand with make-up but I personally don’t find it visually inspiring. I didn’t want to put boring pictures of jars of cream on a site that’s meant to be fun.

My objective here is to share my thoughts and comments on skincare I have used. I have used premium skincare and loved it but then I thought to myself, do I really have to spend so much money? Someone with unfathomably soft skin told me it is important to moisturise everyday. They did not say I had to spend a fortune doing it. My hair on the other hand, now that’s another story!

The challenge is this: to see if I can find great skin products at less than premium prices.

Join me and see if I succeed!

Lip care
Lip care

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