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Goth by Accident

Goth by Accident full face close up
Goth by Accident full face close up
Goth by Accident eyes
Goth by Accident eyes
Goth by Accident lips
Goth by Accident lips

When I was getting ready for work the other day it all started off as any other morning but as tends to happen with me, I made a mistake and ended up with a different look to what I was aiming for (a pretty pink-brown fairly neutral look)!

After a quick sweep of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil on the bridge of my nose to reduce shine, I put 1.5 pumps of Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Elcat Foundation in B70  on the back of my hand and applied it all over my face, including a quick sweep under my eyes and over my eyelids, with my Boots No7 foundation brush.  Using Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect in Swingy Brown, I applied the brown colour all over my lips straight from the bullet then covered that with the pink colour, again straight from the bullet.

I applied Boots No7 blusher in Coral Flush using my Boots No7 blusher brush. So far so good but it’s when I decided my eyes needed defining it went a little wrong. I thought I would go for a matt black line along my lash line so I began to apply the matt black colour in the Sleek Chaos 577 eyeshadow palette using my travel sized Ruby & Mille angled eye brush. And then it happened – I slipped!

There was nothing else for it but to smudge the eyeshadow across my whole lid using my fingers, with an extra dab of eyeshadow here and there to apply more colour including some about a quarter of the way under the lower lashline. I repeated this on the other side. There was no precision at all!

I finished off with two coats of Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Cat Eyes mascara in Wild Black on my top lashes and one coat on the bottom lashes.

And there you have it, how I went Goth by Accident.

Goth by Accident full face
Goth by Accident full face
Goth by Accident Kit (Mineral Veil not pictured)
Goth by Accident Kit (Mineral Veil not pictured)

Unfortunately, the following is no longer available:

  • Anything by Ruby & Millie as it has been discontinued.
  • Sleek eyeshadow palette in Chaos 577, however, many other Sleek eyeshadow pallets contain a matt black colour.

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