No make up, just moisturiser.
No make up, just moisturiser.

Medium brown/golden caramel/dark olive skin. Milk chocolate freckles. Onyx eyelashes and eyebrows. Brown-black hair. Pink lips defined by a mauve outline. Occasionally rosy cheeks!

My contrasting features are definitely a blessing when it comes to going without make-up. Great for beach holidays but for every day and going out, I like to even out the tones, emphasise my features and have fun – sometimes all at the same time!

Sometimes it is difficult to find premium and non-premium make up to suit my skin tone .  The make-up might be too dark, too red, to pale or make me look grey.  Make-up is available for the each end of the tonal scale but not for us in the middle but I do appreciate that some brands are changing this.  As a result, I have been through a lot of trial and error!

This blog will showcase looks I have created, looks I have been taught and looks I have copied and adjusted to suit my skin tone.

My aim is to inspire – I hope you enjoy this blog!

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