Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – Part 1 – Under the Tree

This is my first Christmas gift guide! I’ve based it on products I have used throughout the year and would love to see under the tree or in my stocking. It’s mainly beauty, as you can imagine, but there are some other treats in here too. Plus, lots of the brands are small, black-owned and British so if you want something truly unique or patriotic, start here!

Christmas Gift Guide 2017 - Part 1 - Under the Tree

Part 1: Under the Tree

(Anyone else singing “under the tree” the Little Mermaid-style?)

3107 London Artisan Skincare+

I would absolutely jump for joy if I found either the 3107 London My Everything Soothing Face Elixir or the Heart & Soul Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover under the tree! I love these both and they make a perfect pair. The oil is perfect for soothing and protecting skin in the winter months especially but I also use it in summer just before bed.  The Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover does what it says on the jar whilst being gentle to  your skin, and can also double up as luxurious mask.

3107 London artisan skincare

They both smell divine and have gorgeous packaging. It’s difficult to choose between the two but as at the time of writing they are out of stock on the main website but you can buy the Heart & Soul Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover from Flawless Shades starting at £14.99 for 30g

3107 London artisan skincare heart and soul deep cleansing make up remover

Aviela Shea Butter Black Soap (Liquid)+

Ok, so the Aviela Liquid Black Soap is a necessity in my household but if you are the practical gift-giver, this stuff is great! It gently cleanses skin and hair without leaving it dry and I am a repeat purchaser. I also like how the caramel-coloured liquid looks almost metallic and it lasts for ages. It is available from Aviela’s website for £14.99

Aviela shea butter black soap

Nuff Naturals Nuff Love Butter+

The Nuff Love Butter is the best body butter I have tried. I have the plum version which has a delicate scent but there are others to choose from. A little goes a long way and it lasts all day on my dry skin. It’s a dream to apply despite being firm in the jar. I simply love it. You can get it from the newly-launched Nuff Naturals website for £10 or the shop in Tooting Market where you will probably be tempted to pick up a lot more!

nuff naturals love butter

WAH London Nails+

I love the designs of the WAH London press-on nails.  I don’t like to buy press-ons in a design I can do myself and I can safely say I cannot recreate any of the WAH London nail designs.  If your loved one likes long, look-at-me nails, pop any of the designs under the tree for them. I get mine from Boots costing £9 but I found some more here on the WAH London website.

Wah London press on nails

Fashion Fair+

Fashion Fair is really trying hard to shake off its old image and I like where it is going. There are still the old favourites though like the Lip Teasers and the lipsticks. I have found that the better lipsticks in the range are from the latest collections the current one being the Rhapsody collection. The formulas vary with the shades and finishes but I am quite impressed for the most part. All Fashion Fair products come in exquisite glossy bronze boxes and packaging which is also why I think they would make great gifts. The Rhapsody collection can be found on Fashion Fair’s new UK site and the lipsticks are £16. The Lip Teasers are also £16 and my favourite (so far) is Chocolate Raspberry – a yummy pink!  Although I haven’t tried them, the gift sets on the Debenhams website looks quite nice too.

Nubian Skin Lace Collection+

I love the Nubian Skin Lace Collection! It is just so pretty. It comes in four shades designed to be the ideal nude but if you have no idea, just go for Berry, the darkest shade, because it’s stunning! The lace shorts come up a little small so go one size up. The bras are push-up bras so as with all push-up bras, I go up on cup size (that’s the letter). I would be very happy indeed if I received more Nubian Skin lace undies!

The collection is currently 40% off on the Nubian Skin website, starting at £10.80.

nubian skin

Sheer Chemistry Tights+

I always have a stock of Sheer Chemistry tights in my drawer. They come in 5 shades and my perfect shade is Rio Romance. I have the matte Ambition tights and the Radiance gloss tights and always get compliments when wearing them!  These would make the ideal gift because not only are they liberating from the boring old black opaque tights, they come carefully packaged in tissue paper so if you are pushed for wrapping time, you can just pop them in a gift bag (tape it shut) the stick under the tree!

They start at £8.50 from the Sheer Chemistry website.

Colourshot Cards+ and Colourshot Jewellery+

colourshot cards

Colourshot Cards has so many gifts to choose from! I first fell in love with the earrings which are covered in African-print fabric in both the disc and the triangle drop option. I then tried a headscarf and love that too! I initially bought some cards and the one pictured with the bow is one of the luxury ones I bought for myself because I want to frame it. Tanya Luke, the creator, has amazing attention to detail so a card or gift or both from her will be well received I’m sure.

Delivery is fast, customer service is great and the goods are very well-packaged. Check out the Etsy storefronts (including Colourshot) where I’m sure you will pick up some things for yourself too!

colourshot cards colourshot cards earrings

Nicola Lespeare+

I have been waiting patiently to get some Nicola Lespeare cards to some birthday girls and now she has a Christmas collection! I can identify with the women on the front of the cards and would love someone to buy one for me. Nicola sent me a sample “Ulie” Christmas card which I have framed and now forms part of my decorations. I love her – she goes with my gold theme and you know me and hair: the bigger the better! In fact, I want to dress up like Ulie on Christmas day!

You can get Nicola Lespeare’s cards from her website and they cost £2.99.

nicola lespeare card

Also be sure to check out her #3giftschallenge too, where she challenges us to buy 3 Christmas gifts from black-owned business. This list will help you – just look for the “+”!

Bobbi Brown

bobbi brown caviar and rubies eye shadow palette

Much as I love Bobbi Brown, I have only just made my first Christmas collection purchase! If you’re anything like me, anything by Bobbi Brown has a place under my tree. This year I just couldn’t live without the red casing – it is so beautiful and luxurious. It even comes in a red cardboard box. As it is Christmas, make sure to tick the “gift wrap” option when shopping online – my Caviar & Rubies palette came in another gorgeous red box. I think larger orders come in a gold box.  The Caviar & Rubies palette has a glimmer shade called “Gilded” and I just want to put it on every eye look I do!

bobbi brown caviar and rubies eye shadow palette

In my experience delivery to store is quick and the tracking is accurate. The Caviar & Rubies palette is £55 from Bobbi Brown UK.

bobbi brown gift wrap

Special Touch Designs+

I bought a few Christmas cards from Special Touch Designs and they are so gorgeous and a pleasure to hold. The one pictured is for my toddler who will not appreciate the quality of the materials or the skill but oh well! I would happily receive one of these. I bought individual cards at £3.50 as a wanted particular colours but you can buy a pack of 10 for £20 from the website.

special touch designs cards Special touch designs cards

Part 2 – Stocking Fillers – coming up!


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There are two boxes to choose from: a beauty box which is makeup and makeup tools costing £21 (not £20 as I said in the vid) and a skincare box which costs £25. I went for the makeup box obviously!

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The real trigger point was a Sunday Times Style magazine article (28th Nay 2017) called “Is your screen killing your skin?” by Claire Coleman. The first paragraph ended with “But if the prospect of a sleepless night isn’t enough to have you powering down, would the news that this type of light could also be prematurely ageing your skin have you reaching for the off button?”

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Facebook February on

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I have declared that this February is “Facebook February”. I was late in setting up my Facebook page, “Tasha’s Face Beauty Blog“, not least because it was just awkward to set up and I couldn’t decide which category to put page in. My content is across several social media platforms but I haven’t been making full use of Facebook.

This month, I want to show Facebook some love. I don’t want to duplicate what I put on my blog or on other platforms. I want to do more. You can already see all of my blog and Instagram posts on it but I want to:

  • Do status updates
  • Share blog posts I’ve written for Brown Beauty Talk
  • Share any blog posts I write for other people
  • Do Facebook Live broadcasts, both planned and impromptu
  • Share posts by other people which I like and think you would like

How does that sound?

I will do a regular Facebook Live chat every Tuesday between 2030 and 2130 GMT except the 28th when I am hoping I’ll be at Keziah Connections so I can broadcast the event (WiFi permitting).

In the first Facebook Live chat on Tuesday 7th February, I’ll be discussing the new-look Glamour Magazine. It promises more beauty and fashion so let’s put that to the test! See you there!