My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions

My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions

My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions

My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions

Although I am still on a beauty spending ban, I managed to get hold of the first My Chocobelle box by begging my husband to buy it for me. It’s ridiculous right? Well, now I have it!

I saw the postman approach my house but I couldn’t see a box shaped parcel in his hand so I was a little disappointed. This was only heightened when he knocked on the door and handed me a parcel in a purple bag which still didn’t look like a beauty box.

When I opened up the envelope, inside was a gold cardboard gift box tied with pink ribbon and a gold glitter handwritten tag saying “Hello lovely We hope you love & enjoy this months box MCB x”. This explained everything! The mystery package was the My Chocobelle Box. Also inside the bag was a set of Curvy Ardell lashes. I was just about to throw the purple envelope away when I felt something else. I thought it might be a guide to the products but I was a postcard giving 35% at C.A.K.E Cosmetics. Now that’s a nice surprise!

My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions - outside the box

My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions – outside the box

Inside the box were five further beauty items plus two little chocolates. I received:

  • Halo Eye Make-up Remover Pads
  • Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
  • Kiko Make Up Milano Nail Lacquer in 379 Eggplant
  • Bella Pierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Champagne
  • Bella Pierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Bronze
My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions - inside the box

My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions – inside the box

I would say that’s a nice little mix of make-up, skincare and nail care, however I would prefer that everything fits in the box – I almost threw my discount away!

My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions Bella Pierre up close

My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions Bella Pierre up close

Doing make-up for other people

Doing make-up for other people

Doing make-up for other people

I have now done make-up for two people other than myself – of completely different ages and with mainly different requirements. They both wanted to look fairly natural as they wanted to look like themselves when they looked in the mirror. In general, they both only wore make-up on special occasions. That meant no face-shape changing contouring, no false lashes and not too much drama on the eyes, because this would be too much of a transformation. It wasn’t necessary anyway because they are both beautiful people!

They also had different skin issues they wanted addressed- one had an uneven skintone with darker blemishes, the other had uneven skin due to pimples. For both, I talked to them about the importance of using the right skincare for their skin issues as the better the condition of the skin, the better the make-up will look. Plus, they would feel better about themselves if they knew they didn’t have to always cover up with make-up, a good skincare regime will be sufficient.

They key thing I learned was that you must communicate. Listen to their wishes and concerns. You are in their personal space, touching their face. They need to feel comfortable with you doing that, and confident that you will deliver what they have asked. For someone particularly nervous, let them see what you are doing at regular intervals. I like to explain what I am doing as I go along, for example, “I’m now going to blend”, otherwise it can seem a little strange if they don’t know what to expect!

If you are going to do make-up for other people, the preparation counts too. If you are organised, you will feel good. If you look organised, your client will feel good. Lay out what you need neatly and pack it away properly when done. Hygiene is also very important. Wash your brushes and sanitise your products and tools that can’t be washed like pencil sharpeners. I use a conditioning brush cleanser for my brushes and surgical spirit in a mini spray bottle to sanitise (both are available from pharmacies). You can also wipe the surfaces of lipsticks, creams and gels using a tissue. Try using disposable tools such as mascara spoolies and sponges. Also, make sure your hands are clean!

I enjoy making people feel like the best version of themselves, although I am willing to get creative and transform you if you like! I think that’s what make-up is about really. What do you think?

Mother-in-law/Mother of the Bride Make-up - a rough representation

Mother of the Bride Make-up

Mother-in-law/Mother of the Bride Make-up - a rough representation

Mother of the Bride Make-up – a rough representation

I volunteered to be the make-up artist for the mother of the bride, who is also my mother in law – so much pressure to get it right! Luckily I had a practice which was just as well. Not only could I streamline my kit, I also learned that applying make-up to mature skin is different to applying it to teenage skin and skin in-between skin.

My mother-in-law had her own base products which were mainly Fashion Fair, with a powder and lipstick from Black|Up. I used three different concealers and three different foundation shades but the end result was even, blemish free skin, without looking caked on, thanks to extensive blending. I was quite proud of myself and according to family members, the compliments about my mother-in-law where plentiful! I was just happy to emphasise my mother-in-law’s natural beauty and ensure that was accurately captured on camera.

I was lucky in that my mother-in-law has quite smooth skin and an amazing bone structure. Absolutely no contouring required. In fact, her perfect cheekbones initially caused some anxiety. What exactly was I supposed to do with her cheeks? I decided to highlight the high points along cheekbones using the bronze shade from my Sleek Face Form palette in Dark 375 and added colour to the apples of her cheeks using the deepest red shade in the Sleek Blush by 3 blusher palette in Pink Sprint 366, blending out towards her temple. The colour and highlighter was blended together through the main part of the cheeks, leaving reflective shimmer at the top and matte colour at the bottom.

I didn’t use lip liner because I didn’t have a shade to match. I just carefully applied the lipstick using a lip brush, outlining the lips first then filing the lips in. I blotted using a tissue and went over the lips again to intensify the colour. Using a brush enabled me to apply the colour with precision and really push the colour in to the lips so the colour would last longer. After that, touch ups straight from the bullet would be sufficient.

I created a gold and purple eye look for my mother-in-law. She wanted occasion make-up but not too exaggerated – it was an afternoon wedding after all. She asked that I didn’t flick out the eyeliner, so I just used B.Precise Gel Eyeliner in 100 Black along the lashline and not beyond, to give the illusion of thicker lashes. I used Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink 2 along the bottom lashline to define the eyes but not look too dramatic. The key was to make sure my mother-in-law looked great in the photos but at the same time, she had to feel like herself.

For the eyeshadow, I used the matte brown from the Sleek Vintage Romance palette all over the eyelid and up to the brows as a base. I then applied the warm gold from the same palette on the lids only. I applied both with a No7 eyeshadow brush. Then, using the Fashion Fair eyeshadow quad in Indulge, I placed the dark purple shade in the crease using the fluffy end of my Urban Decay Naked brush and placed the pale shimmer shade under the brow to highlight using the flat end of the same brush. Then I blended, blended, blended using my No7 blend and contour brush!

I finished the eyes with several coats of No7 Intense Volume waterproof mascara and defined the brows using Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Mahogany. We decided false lashes would be too uncomfortable.

I’ve tried to recreate this look on the face chart above (from – what do you think?

P.S. I used the blusher to represent the lipstick on the face chart, which was Black|Up lipstick in RGE 05

Mother-in-law/Mother of the Bride Make-up - the make-up

Mother of the Bride Make-up – the make-up

Mother-in-law/Mother of the Bride Make-up - the tools

Mother of the Bride Make-up – the tools

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - open eye close-up

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - open eye close-up

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – open eye close-up

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - closed eye close-up

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – closed eye close-up

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - lips

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – lips

I used so much make-up and so many brushes that I can’t remember so this is not quite going to be a tutorial. That, and I was making it up as I went along to a certain extent! Here’s roughly how I created this pink and mint vintage bridesmaid look.


Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - base

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – base

  • Benefit the POREfessional primer applied with a flat foundation brush
  • Kiko pearly eye base applied with my fingers
  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks in Golden and Warm Almond drawn on my face straight from the sticks (it’s so much fun!) and blended with either my Real Techniques expert face brush or buffing brush.
  • Benefit Stay Don’t Stray concealer and eyeshadow primer applied by scooping some on to the back of my had like a palette (I can wash my hands but I can’t wash potential eye infections off my eyeballs) and applied using my EcoTools concealer brush
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer applied and blended out using my EcoTools concealer brush
  • A dusting of powder Black|Up Two Way Cake powder foundation in TW01 using my e.l.f. powder brush on my nose to combat oil and the same product to set my concealer using my Real Techniques setting brush


Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - open eyes

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – open eyes

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - closed eyes

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – closed eyes

Now this is the tricky part! I think I used the Kiko Inifinity matte eyeshadow in 204 (I think – the shade number has rubbed off) all over the eye area and the Kiko infinity bronze shimmer in 257 on my lid only using my Teez flat stiff brush. I think I then used the darker matte MAC eyeshadow in Embark to contour the crease using my Real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush, making sure I did not turn it into a smokey eye. There was a lot of blending and patience involved, using at the very least my Real Techniques angled shadow brush and No7 eyeshadow and contour brush. I then put a pop of green shimmer from the Sleek Garden of Eden palette to open up and brighten my eyes using the wedding theme as a guide and MAC brush 219. I used the middle of the five greens you can see in the palette.

I also used:

  • No7 Intense Volume Waterproof Mascara – three coats on the top lashes and one on the bottom
  • Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol in Cocoa Bean waterproof brown eye pencil under the bottom lash line
  • Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner in 60 taupe of the top, a bronze colour, on the waterline to brighten my eyes (after only having had 3 hours sleep the night before)
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Mahogany to define my brows using the angled liner end of my dual-ended Bella Pierre brush
  • L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Medium Dark brushed on against the direction of hair growth then in the direction of hair growth to set my brows and add some drama, 1920’s style
  • Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink to create flicked topliner using my MAC 209 brush

I almost didn’t wear the MAC 34 lashes as I thought my black thick-rimmed glasses were a good look but I changed my mind at the last minute and wore them (without cutting them) by applying them with DUO eyelash adhesive.

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup - eyes

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup – eyes


I filled in my lips using Bobbi Brown lip liner in Pink Mauve then applied a coat of Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Lilac 17 using my Real Techniques retractable lip brush to really push the colour into my lip creases. I blotted my lips then reapplied the lipstick straight from the bullet.

Cheeks and sculpting

I used the darkest matte shade in my Sleek Face Form palette in Medium to contour the sides of my nose using my Real Techniques duo fiber-contour brush. I swept on some Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Nectar, starting on the apples of my cheeks and ending on my temples, gradually building up the intensity. I used my Real Techniques cheek brush to pop my Bobbi Brown blush in Desert Pink on to the apples of my cheeks. I would have blended this out but I can’t remember which brush I used.


My favourite part! My look didn’t really come together until I highlighted my face. I used both Givenchy Mister Light in shade 5 and YSL Touch Eclat in shade 5 but I can’t remember where I put each one! What I do know is I highlighted above my brows to neaten up, and under the brow arch using my Real Techniques detailer brush. I used the same brush to highlight my cupids bow. I then highlighted, probably straight from the highlighter pen, the middle of my forehead, along the top of my cheekbones all the way to my temples, down the bridge of my nose and my chin.

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup- cheeks, lips and complexion

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup- cheeks, lips and complexion

All-day wear

I finished by retouching my powder on the T-zone using my Real Techniques duo-fiber face brush for the lightest of applications. I didn’t want to look too matte. I then sprayed on a couple of layers of Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up setting spray. My make-up really did last all day and night!

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup full face- the sun is in my eyes!

Vintage Pink and Mint Bridesmaid Makeup full face- the sun is in my eyes!

The whole kit!

The Vintage Pink and Mint Wedding Make-Up Kit

The whole kit!

The whole kit!

I was a bridesmaid at the end of August, on one of the hottest days of the year. I didn’t know it was going to be that hot but as you can see, I packed for all eventualities. This is what I ended up packing to do my make-up whilst I was getting ready in the hotel. Yes, just my make-up! I didn’t use it all but as I didn’t get a chance to practice, I had to pack to cover a variety of moods, combinations in case of a mismatch and “just-in-case-the-bride-didn’t-like-my-face-and-I-had-to-start-again” looks.

I’ll give you a quick little tour through my kit highlights:

Hygiene and other essential extras

I forgot my wipes and a cream cleanser but I did remember my cotton buds to neaten up mistakes, surgical spirit to sanitize products I would later use when I was playing MUA to the mother-of-the-bride, spray brush cleanser, and conditioning brush cleanser. I did have some baby oil in my bag so I could have used that in the case of a make-up smudge emergency. It was not officially part of the kit but I slipped it in anyway! I also packed liquid brush cleanser as I did not have time to wash my brushes before I got to the hotel.


I began here, rather randomly. I was wearing a mint green dress with gold jewellery so you can see the Sleek Garden of Eden palette has my green options and a gold. I also had to pack my Urban Decay Naked Palette for neutrals and base colours. You can also see a trio of MAC mono eyeshadow pots which are tailored to make my personal neutrals palette and a couple of KIKO eyeshadows which form a long-lasting base and natural look. I bought MAC 34 lashes especially but I packed a set of Eylure 60 lashes just in case they were too much. As you can see, I packed plenty of brushes for all of my precision and blending requirements – in my mind you can never have too many brushes!


For all-day photo-ready make-up, preparing the skin and getting the base right is essential. Without a solid base, you’ll end up a smudgy mess, especially at the peak of summer. My base products are pretty standard, with face and eye primers, foundation, powder and concealer. My favourite pieces have to be the Kiko pearly eye base to really make shimmer eyeshadow pop and my two highlighter pens – Givenchy Mister Light and YSL Touch Eclat. Highlighting is the secret to looking so amazing in photos and it personally gives me a confidence boost. As you can see again, lots of brushes to choose from. Ok, maybe I didn’t need three powder brushes!

Cheeks and lips

The wedding look was vintage/1920s/Art Deco inspired so harsh contouring was not an option. Although gentle contouring is essential when you are being photographed with a direct flash so your face is nicely defined. I was only photographed in (very bright) natural sunlight, or under a flash where the light had been diffused. I wasn’t the bride after all! I did one of my favourite every Bobbi Brown techniques, the colour pop using my Shimmer Brick and a matte blush. The shimmer brick provides a colour and highlight and the matte blusher gives a more intense hit of rosiness to bring the face to life. Pretty in pink cheekbones are sculpted rather than contoured. You’ll see in the picture four lip colour options and as many lips liners, with a little tube of gloss should I have been in a glossy mood. I didn’t go for gloss in the end as I think lip colours in the 1920’s were more likely to be cream or matte.

And finally…

Of course this all had to be set with a setting spray. I was not taking any chances! Now you know what goes through my head when I have to wear a long-lasting photo-ready look. Follow my blog/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook to find out what I actually wore!

Mainly eyes

Mainly eyes

More eyes

More eyes

Face and base

Face and base

Cheeks and lips

Cheeks and lips